The St. Claire is a Philadelphia-based arts organization devoted to providing a platform for experimental modes of communication that support critical inquiry with a local perspective. The St.Claire’s core members are artists committed to examining and engaging our immediate art communities. As an assistant editor for the St. Claire, Pelle collaborated with other core members on operations, article selection, fund-raising, and strategy. 

The St. Claire, Issue XVI, Fall 2014, This Must Be the Place


In the fall of 2014, eight courses were offered by the St. Claire as part of the Home School seminar. The Home School seminar re-imagined higher art education and reclaimed it for fun; for home; for everyone. For this semester artists and educators hosted different courses in their homes throughout Philadelphia. 

Issue XVI was produced in conjunction with the Home School seminar and explores the home as a place of internal, external, social and pathological dimensions. This issue was edited by Bethany Pelle and featured contributions from Micki Davis, Oksana Todorova, Andrew Anderson, Kevin VanZanten, Lauren Wells, and Pat McCarthy.

Download St. Claire, Issue XVI



Digital Centerfold, The Game


In March 2012, Bethany Pelle compiled The Game as an interactive, digital centerfold for the The St. Claire, Issue IX. The 64 cards in this humorous deck were sourced from an incomplete edition of the board game Artist: The Game, 1982 by John and Diane Gingold and highlight events in the daily lives of artists in the contemporary art system.

Click to draw from the deck.